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Craft Ideas for Tomato Cages

By Shelley Frost ; Updated September 21, 2017

Tomato cages lend support to your prized tomatoes during the spring and summer months. If you're looking for a more creative use for tomato cages in the off season, consider turning them into craft projects. The wire structures lend themselves well to a variety of holiday decoration crafts as well as decorative displays for the home.

Christmas Tree

The shape of tomato cages works well for creating Christmas tree displays, including tabletop designs and outdoor displays. Place the tomato cage upside down, with the stakes pointing up. Use wire to hold the ends together to create the cone-shape of a Christmas tree. Pine boughs or pine garland works well to cover the cage and create the Christmas tree look. Wire the pine in place so it doesn't slide around. Strands of lights and Christmas ornaments finish off the display. Add clips to turn the cage into a Christmas card holder. Simply clip the cards around the tomato cage tree to display them.


Tomato cages also work well to create Halloween displays. This project uses the tomato cage upside down. A large Styrofoam ball creates the head of the ghost. Press it into the points of the tomato cage to hold it in place. Drape a piece of white fabric over the entire display. A Halloween ribbon tied just below the Styrofoam ball holds the white fabric in place. Add eyes with black paint to complete the ghost display. Follow the same basic steps to create a witch, using black fabric to cover the tomato cage. Cover the Styrofoam ball in a flesh-tone fabric or paint it. Top off your creation with a witch's hat.

Bird Bath

A tomato cage makes the base for an inexpensive, homemade bird bath for the garden. Press the tomato cage into the ground as you would when using it for tomatoes. A lightweight plastic tray goes on top of the tomato cage to create the top of the bird bath. Hot-glue or wire the tray in place if you prefer. Add vine plants around the base of the homemade bird bath. Once the vines grow, you'll have a one-of-a-kind, lush bird bath that costs very little money.

Jewelry Holder

The wire of tomato cages works well for displaying jewelry. Place the tomato cage upside down to give it a solid base. Curl the ends of the tomato cage into swirls to create a decorative touch and to hang necklaces. A coat of spray paint to the entire tomato cage gives it a finished look. Hang the jewelry from any of the wire bars that go around the tomato cages.


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