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How to Collect Clover Seed

By Elizabeth Knoll

The clover plant is a member of the Trifolium genus and the pea family (Fabaceae). There are more than 300 different types of clover, ranging from annual varieties to perennial varieties. They are found primarily in temperate and subtropical regions. The plants form flowers as part of their life cycle, and these flowers dry out to form seeds. By following the natural life cycle of the clover plant, it is easy to collect clover seed and start new clover plants in your yard.

Watch the clover life cycle throughout the summer. As flowers develop on the clover, you will need to observe the plants daily to make sure you pick the seeds at the right time.

Watch for the flowers to dry up on the clover plant. When they dry up and turn brown, the seeds will be ready to harvest.

Pinch the stem of the flower with your thumb and index finger. Gently remove the seeds from the clover plant by sliding your thumb and index finger up the stem.

Store the seeds in a dry container until ready to plant them. If exposed to high humidity and water, they could prematurely rot.