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How to Kill Wasps in the Grass

Pets, kids and families spend plenty of time outdoors playing in the grass. When a dangerous pest moves in, you may start to second guess your favorite outdoor activity. Wasps can leave nasty stings on exposed skin and tend to hide in tall grass. Keep your family safe outdoors by killing wasps and wasp nests in the grass. Small wasp populations can be controlled by laying bait with an inexpensive trap. Use sugar-based bait in the late summer and fall while protein-based baits work best in the spring and early summer.

Wash the inside of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle and remove the label.

Use a knife or scissors to cut off the neck of the bottle at the point where the shoulder starts.

Unscrew the top and recycle it.

Fill the bottle halfway with water and add 2-3 drops of dish soap. Stir until evenly dispensed.

Coat the neck of the bottle with jam or other high-sugar, gelatin substance.

Invert the neck and place it back on top of the bottle. The neck should be facing the water, though not submerged.

Secure bottle pieces together with two small pieces of tape.

Place the bottle 4 inches above ground in areas most frequented by wasps. If using more than one bottle, be sure to keep each 5-10 feet apart to avoid swarming.

Regularly check traps and remove dead wasps.


Hang a fake wasp nest near your grapes to prevent new wasps from colonizing the area.


Always wear protective gear when dealing with wasps, as stings are not only painful, but can cause allergic reactions.

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