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How to Make Plant Hangers

By Jack S. Waverly ; Updated September 21, 2017

Plant lovers and indoor gardeners love to make the most use of their space for the plants. Having hanging planters is always an option. Commercial plant hangers may not always work or may be the wrong size for the plants or planters available. For someone facing this issue, do-it-yourself plant hangers are a viable option. To make plant hangers, you need only know how to tie knots in cord or rope to create the proper size hangers.

Measure the height of the planter from top to bottom, using the measuring tape. Multiply that number by seven to get the cord length. This will ensure the cord can hold the plant and planter. Cut eight sections of cord to length.

Line up all the lengths of cord evenly on a table. Have the tops and bottoms match across the group. Fold the entire group of cords in half so the bottoms all meet evenly. The folded end of the cords is the top of the plant hanger.

Make a loop knot at the folded end of the cord. Allow for a 1½-inch loop to form at the top. Repeat this step with each of the eight cords.

Combine the cords into four sets of two cords each. Hold one pair of cords. Measure up from the bottom of each cord 20 inches. Mark the spot with the marker. Pick up one pair of cords. Tie a square knot at the measured mark on the cords. Repeat this process for each pair.

Lay out the four pairs next to each other, making sure the cords are even at the top. Collect two cord ends from the left-most cord and two cord ends from the next pair in line in your hand. Tie a double knot 3 inches from the bottom of the cords, using all the strands. Continue this process with each cord in succession until you reach the right side.

Repeat Step 5, but tie the knots halfway between the last knot and the bottom of the cord. Fold over the left side to the right side. Tie these cords together at both knots to match the rest of the cords. This gives you the bottom of the plant hanger to hold the planter. Tie off the remaining cord.

Lay out the plant hanger so it forms a sun pattern. Set your planter in the center of the plant hanger. Gather up all the loop ends and hang the plant in any location suitable.


Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Heavy cord or rope
  • Scissors or knife
  • Marker