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How to Replace a Craftsman Lawnmower Pull Cord

By Nichole Liandi
Fix the pull cord to get your Craftsman mower back up and running.
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If the lawnmower pull cord for your Craftsman mower has broken, you'll be stuck with dead piece of lawn gear. But fortunately it isn't difficult to replace the cord and get your machine running again. You'll need a replacement cord, available through Sears parts supply, or you can use a nylon or cotton cord of comparable thickness.

Loosen and remove the bolts securing the engine cover to the mower deck, using a socket set. The size and number of bolts varies by model, but 7/16-inch bolts are common, usually three in number. Set the bolts and cover aside.

Pull out any remains of the old cord from the pulley on the top of the engine. Turn the pulley with your hand to line up the hole in the pulley with the direction of the cover hole's location. Clamp the pulley with your vise grips or a clamp to hold it in position.

Thread the end of the cord through the hole in the pulley. Tie a knot in the end and melt it with a lighter if the cord is nylon so it doesn't come untied. Release the clamp and thread the other end of the cord through the hole in the engine cover from the inside. Replace the cover and bolt it on to the mower.

Feed the cord through the guides on the mower handle. Slide the end of the cord through the pull handle and tie a knot. Cut off any excess cord.


Things You Will Need

  • Replacement cord
  • Socket set
  • Vise grips or clamp
  • Lighter

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