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How to Kill Weeds & Plant Grass Seed

Although every homeowner strives to own a lush green lawn, that is not always the case. Weeds find their way between lawn grass, specially around bare spots or patches, or areas where grass is scarce or not fully developed. These weeds compete with grass for resources, reducing the appearance of the site. Removing them is a task every gardener can and should do immediately, to prevent them from spreading and growing. Plant fresh grass seeds and nurture it so you have your lush green lawn.

Walk through the site to determine where the weeds are present. You can easily remove small patches by hand, while larger patches will require vinegar treatment.

Wear gloves and pull out patches of weeds at root level. Begin at one end of a small area until you reach the end. Although this is more time consuming and labor intensive, it is the safest method and the results are the most effective. Loosen the soil around stubborn or deeply embedded roots with a spade, so pulling them out is easier.

Pour white vinegar in a watering can and apply it over large areas of weeds to kill them. Although vinegar stays in the soil after the application, its effect dilutes after a few rainfalls and it washes out completely, allowing you to plant grass seeds.

Remove any dead weeds, rocks or plant debris from the planting site with a flat-bladed shovel. Collect them in a wheelbarrow and dispose.

Rent a tiller and till 3 inches of soil from the planting site to aerate it and break up large clods. Mix equal amounts of compost and phosphorous-rich fertilizer in a bucket and pour over the site. Till once again to ensure these conditioners go deep into the soil.

Purchase good quality seeds from your local nursery or garden supply center. You will roughly need 2 pounds per 500 square feet. Sprinkle the seeds by hand.

Rake the area to ensure good seed to soil contact, and apply a layer of mulch over the site to prevent birds from eating them. Mulching also retains moisture and prevents competing weeds. Water the seeds gently twice a day, until the soil is evenly moist.


You can also pour a pot of boiling water directly over the weeds to kill them. Continue doing this for a few days in a row until you notice the weeds wilting. Pull them out by hand, or wait until they biodegrade before preparing the site for planting seed.

Grass seeds germinate in 10 days to two weeks.

Reduce watering schedule to twice a week as the grass grows.

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