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Plants for Fall Planting

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

Fall is an ideal season for planting many shrubs, trees and flowers. During this time the soil temperatures and moisture content is in the correct range for planting. These favorable fall features also promote proper root growth to ensure the plant becomes fully established. For spring flowering bulbs, it is essential to plant the bulb beginning mid-September so it has time to develop a solid, strong root system.


Planting bulbs in the fall will create a plethora of flowers the following spring. This will allow the bulb to develop a strong and hardy root system before the winter sets in and temperatures drop. For the best results, begin planting bulbs such as crocus, snowdrops and daffodils around the middle to end of September. Tulips and grape hyacinth are also lovely spring bloomers that like to be planted in clumps for a gorgeous show of color during their growing season.


Fall has favorable soil temperatures and moist conditions that are perfect for planting certain trees. Maple and ash trees need to be planted in the fall before winter sets in and the ground temperature drops. Other fall-loving trees include alder, spruce, pine and elm. These hardy trees, once established in the fall, will produce a long-lasting and beautiful addition to the outdoor landscape.


Deciduous shrubs are the perfect candidates for fall planting. A gorgeous and stunning shrub is the hydrangea. This popular and showy shrub has large bloom heads that resemble a snowball. Hydrangea shrubs are also grown in a wide range of colors and textures, including the lacey hydrangea with delicate and small lace-like flowers. Other shrubs to plant in the fall are the butterfly bush, spirea and flowering quince. All with lovely and colorful blooms, will add bright burst of color around the landscape.


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