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Types of Tuberose Flowers

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Tuberoses (Polianthes tuberosa) are romantic, mythical and magical flowers. Legend has it that the nectar of the tuberose has special powers and that the scent is bewitching to all who encounter it. Their fragrance makes them a popular choice for floral arrangements, and their scent is used in colognes and perfumes all around the world. Tuberoses come in two varieties, the single-flowered and the double-flowered.


The shringar cultivar of the tuberose is one of the single-flowered varieties. It has a bud that is slightly pink in color, and is best used as a cut flower or for making garlands. The shringar tuberose has a high flower yield. These tender flowers are easily injured and must be handled carefully. Plant bulbs in the spring in full sun, and make sure soil is fertile, moist and well-drained. The shingar tuberose will grow to be 18 to 36 inches high. Foliage is green and looks like long blades of grass. If you are in a northern area, keep your tuberoses in pots and bring them indoors when temperatures drop below 60 degrees F. Plant them in gardens and flower beds if you're located in the warmer, southern climate.


The Mexican single tuberose is popular in gardens, and is used as a cut flower and as a source for perfume. It is considered to be the most popular of the tuberose family. Mexican tuberoses are white, tubular flowers that are loosely arranged on spikes that will grow to 3 to 4 feet in height. Plant bulbs in mid-spring. Make sure that the soil is well-drained and that you place them in a sunny location. Flowers will bloom in late summer to early fall, and their scent will fill your garden. Foliage is deep green, long and grass-like.

The Pearl

Beautiful white flowers and a sweet smell makes the pearl tuberose a popular choice of gardeners throughout the world.The pearl is a double-flowering tuberose that has multiple blooms growing up its spike-like stem. Foliage is long and blade-like, and is a shade of medium to dark green. Plant pearl tuberoses in your garden or in pots, and you'll enjoy their blooms from July until October. Plants prefer a moist but well-drained soil, and need to have full sun for the greater part of the day. Plant bulbs in the mid-spring when the ground is soft. The pearl tuberose is best used as a cut flower.


There are three new tuberose cultivars; all require well-drained soil conditions and prefer to be located in sunny spots of the garden. Flowers are fragrant and grow from a long, slender spike; the foliage is green and grass-like in appearance.

The svarna rekha is a double-flowered variety and has a white flower that is streaked with golden yellow. The suvasini produces the most flowers per spike and makes excellent cut flowers. It is a cross between the single- and double-flowering variety. The rajat rekha is a single-flower variety and has a white flower with silvery streaks along the middle of the leaf.

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