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How to Prune a Ti Plant

By Debra L Turner ; Updated September 21, 2017

Ti plant is one of about 20 species of Cordyline. These upright evergreens typically attain heights of 10 to 12 feet. That’s a little much for many enthusiasts, particularly for those who maintain their specimens indoors. Fortunately, these beauties don’t mind a little snip here, there or everywhere. Nor do they care if you cut main stalks almost to the soil line if need be. Ti plants are easy to grow and care for, and they’re very forgiving.

Remove dead, yellow, brown, damaged or diseased leaves as they may occur with a clean, sharp knife.

Cut off stems or stalks that have grown too large or appear messy or untidy for your taste using sharp scissors or a clean hacksaw. Prune Ti plants at any time during the year.

Prune the entire plant back to control its overall size. Cut as much excess from the Ti as you wish, down to 12 inches above the soil line. New shoots will soon emerge from below the cuts.

Prune any stem from the Ti plant to encourage multiple new shoots to fill a sparse area in its place.

Rejuvenate an older, shabby looking plant by cutting the main stalk off 6 inches above the soil line. Cut all but the three largest and healthiest new shoots off the soil. Trim or cut them back, if you wish.


Things You Will Need

  • Knife
  • Hacksaw


  • Ti plant clippings can easily be rooted in soil. Keep the rooting medium evenly moist and don't allow it to dry out. Keep the cutting at around 75 degrees F, and provide lots of bright indirect light while it's rooting.

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