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Names of Rose Bushes

By Desirae Roy ; Updated September 21, 2017

The world has been fascinated with roses for centuries. Wreaths strung with Old Garden-style roses graced the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs, and were important in various religious and cultural festivals of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Names of roses, then, have a long and varied history from the oldest Damask to the contemporary hybrids like the Marilyn Monroe. Roses can be named by general category as well as by specific hybrids and cultivars on the market today.

Hybrid Teas

As a category, hybrid tea roses are modern roses cultivated by cross breeding popular old roses. Mr. Lincoln, a dark red bloom that can reach up to 6 inches across, is a popular hybrid selection. Fragrant Keepsake has delicate yellow petals with pink borders, producing 4 1/2-inch blooms. With a dark pink, sweetly scented 5-inch blossom, Voluptuous is set off by shiny, deep green foliage.


Floribundas are a rose bush category that produces groups of single or double blooms at the ends of shorter-stemmed canes. This group often includes strongly scented blooms as well as striped or variegated bloom-color combinations. One such example is the Purple Tiger, which boasts 4-inch purple-petaled blossoms striped with white. With smaller 3 1/2-inch blooms, Rainbow Sorbet makes up for size with heavenly scented, pink and yellow-tipped flowers.


With perfectly formed, tiny buds, miniature roses have all the shape and beauty of hybrid teas but suitable for small containers, hanging baskets or borders. Their names belie the childlike fascination gardeners have with these tiny marvels. Giggles and Cupcake are two pink varieties, while Kristen, Little Jackie and Party Girl are shades of red, orange and yellow respectively. In addition, according to Colorado State University Extension experts, these three hybrids bear the American Rose Society Award of Excellence distinction.


By definition, climbing roses require a strong support to send flexible canes stretching up to 20 feet toward the sunlight. Trellis forms made from weatherproof wood, metal and synthetic materials are all appropriate choices to grow these arbor dwellers. Favorites include America, with orange-and-pink-blended petals, and Don Juan, a dark red beauty.

Old Garden Roses

Roses in this category can be separated into varieties such as Alba, Gallica, Damask and Moss. With nodding, clustered blooms packed with crinkled petals that offer a rich, heady scent, Old Garden Roses are worth the extra effort they take to cultivate due to disease susceptibility. These timeless beauties create the look of the English and Victorian gardens favored by today's garden enthusiasts. Some even prove their European ancestry with names like the white Alba Semi-Plena, delicate pink Marchesa Boccella and mauve Reine des Violettes.


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