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Flowers That Are Four Letters

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Because their names are often elongated because of their Greek or Latin origins, not many flowers consist of four letters. One website that specializes in crossword puzzle answers lists only 13 flowers with four letters. Considering the List of Flowers website provides the names of a total of 2,394 flowers, 13 is a small number.


One of the most famous flowers in the world, roses are a perennial flower shrub that come in a variety of colors and over 100 species. Most roses are native to Asia, although others are native to North America, Europe or Africa. Most roses have stems with sharp thorns. Roses are known for their beauty as well as their fragrant smells. They vary in size from miniature roses to roses with stems that reach as high as 21 feet. Many rose garden flowers are hybrids. Roses are used to make perfumes as well as syrup. Roses often appear as cut flowers and are popular for occasions such as Valentine's Day. The fruit of some species of roses produces Vitamin C.


Approximately 250 species of irises exist, which are flowering plants with colorful flowers. The fact that irises produce a variety of brilliant colors is reflected that they got their name from the Greek word for rainbow. One of the favorite garden flowers in the United States, irises thrive in mostly temperate zones. Some species can be found, however, in deserts, swamps, and cold northern environments. The many colors of irises include blues, purples, pinks, whites, yellows, oranges, browns and blacks. Bearded and Siberian irises are two of the most common species.


A lily refers to a plant of the genus Lilium. They are showy pendulous flowers that are grown from bulbs. Most of the approximately 110 lily species are native to the the milder climates in the Northern Hemisphere. These popular flowers come in a wide range of colors, including whites, reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. They often are associated with Easter when they have a meaning associated with motherhood, purity and life. Some species of lilies are harvested for their edible bulbs. Lilies usually bloom in late spring and early summer. Many species of lilies also produce a pleasant fragrance.

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