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Factors That Affect Citrus Fruit Growth

By Ma Wen Jie ; Updated September 21, 2017

Citrus are generally considered a tropical or sub-tropical tree. A number of factors can affect fruit growth on your trees, including sun, water and fertilization. By planting your tree in a good location and offering proper care, you can maximize your trees' production and minimize problems.


Citrus trees require full sun year round. Less sun can result in less growth on the tree and delayed or smaller fruit.


Although long periods of hot temperatures are generally needed to produce very sweet citrus like oranges, long periods of very dry, hot weather are thought to contribute to problems with fruit splitting.


Citrus requires lots of water. Lack of water can lead to problems like leaf drop and fruit split, and can have a negative impact on fruit size, health and sweetness. The exact amount of water your citrus will need depends on its age and size. In some cases, some citrus can be tolerant of mildly salty water, but salts can build up in the soil and damage the roots.


Fertilization of your citrus can improve both fruit size and yields. Balanced fertilizers offer the good plant and tree growth with good flowering and fruiting. The amount of fertilizer you use will depend on the type of tree, the age of the tree, and where you are growing the tree. Because different fertilizers need to be applied in different ways, follow the directions on the fertilizer bag for the proper procedure for the age and size of your tree.


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