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What Are the Parts of a Wheelbarrow

By Jay Golberg ; Updated September 21, 2017

The invention of the wheelbarrow is credited to the Chinese and is a tool used to move heavy material from one place to another. When using a wheelbarrow properly, a person lifts two handles that project from a bowl or tray that contains a heavy load and is mounted over a wheel. Using the power of leverage, the load is then tilted up and pushed or wheeled to a new location.


The bowl or tray of a wheelbarrow is where the load is placed that is to be moved. The bowl can be made of wood, metal or plastic. The sides of the bowl curve upward to contain the material that is being moved. The bowl is usually longer on two sides and not as wide on the ends. The wheel is mounted under the front end of the bowl and the handles extend from the bottom of the other end of the bowl.


The wheel is mounted below the front end of the bowl or tray. It is made of solid rubber or may contain an inner tube like a car tire. Wheelbarrow tires that contain inner tubes are generally wider and are easier to use in muddy, sandy or soft soil.


The two handles extend from the underside of the bowl on the opposite end from where the wheel is positioned. The handles may be wooden or metal and extend outward at a distance appropriate to provide leverage when the load is tilted upward.


The stand is mounted to the underside of the bowl and under the handles. The stand provides two points while the wheel provides the third point to stabilize the wheelbarrow while it is being loaded or stored.


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