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How to Replace a Wheelbarrow Tire Axle

By Damon Koch ; Updated September 21, 2017
The common wheelbarrow is a workhorse when it comes to outside chores.
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A wheelbarrow makes many lawn and garden tasks much easier. From hauling dirt and gravel to providing a means of transporting bushes and plants, the common wheelbarrow is a workhorse when it comes to outside chores. Over time, the weight of items hauled in the wheelbarrow can bend the axle and require its replacement. A new wheelbarrow axle can be purchased from most hardware or home improvement stores for less than $20 as of 2011.

Turn the wheelbarrow upside down and set it on a hard flat surface.

Remove the bolt caps from the axle by prying them off with a standard screwdriver. Some wheelbarrows may have cotter pins on each side of the wheel. You can remove these pins by bending them straight with a pair of pliers and sliding them out of their holes.

Hold the bolt on one side of the axle steady with an adjustable wrench while you turn the bolt on the other side counterclockwise with another adjustable wrench. Remove the bolts and set them aside.

Slide the axle out of its brackets while holding the wheel securely.

Install the new axle through the bracket on one side and through the center of the wheel then through the bracket on the other side. Secure the axle bolts with the two adjustable wrenches in a similar fashion as you removed the old axle. Replace the cotter pins, if so equipped, and the bolt caps.


Things You Will Need

  • Standard screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrenches (2)
  • Pliers

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