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The Best Fragrant Climbing Roses for a Pergola

By Debbi Tom ; Updated September 21, 2017

Whether your pergola covers a walkway, entrance-way, patio or hot tub, fragrant climbing roses are an appropriate choice for decorative planting for the structure. Keep in mind roses prefer a lot of sunshine and rich, loamy well-drained soil. Plant one climber at each post. Train the canes around the uprights until they reach the top where they will ultimately meet overhead. The selection of climbing roses includes choices of color, scent and height. Climbing pergola roses can be fertilized in the spring with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Except during unusually dry spells, average rainfall is normally sufficient moisture for climbing roses.

The New Dawn

The New Dawn produces large flowers in a soft, creamy pink color. The sweet, fruity flowers may produce as single blooms or in clusters throughout the growing season, beginning in early summer. The New Dawn requires sturdy support to sustain the 20- to 30-foot canes. These fragrant roses do best in zones five through 10, are easy to maintain, disease resistant and require pruning only to eliminate dead wood and keep them within the confines of the pergola.

Don Juan

The velvety, dark-crimson blooms of the Don Juan rose have an intense, old-rose fragrance. Small clusters or large, single blooms appear on the prickly canes in early spring and continue through fall. The Don Juan is a vigorous pergola rose, but may need spraying for blackspot. Suitable in zones six to 11, this fragrant rose grows up to 14 feet. Pruning dead wood in the spring should be sufficient.

Climbing Iceberg

Large, white, clustered blooms adorn the Climbing Iceberg rose from early spring until frost. This low-maintenance, climbing rose has a sweet rose scent. Canes grow to ten feet high and are extremely disease resistant. Pruning is rarely necessary. The Climbing Iceberg rose does best when cultivated in zones four through nine.

Lemon Meringue

A new variety of climbing rose, the Lemon Meringue sports large, lemon-yellow, double blooms in clusters. Tolerant of zones five to nine, this hardy, easy-to-care-for rose is resistant to disease and blooms throughout the growing season emitting a strong, fruity, spicy scent. The Lemon Meringue grows to heights of 10 to 12 feet and requires little or no pruning.

Royal Sunset

Strong, fruity scented blooms in shades of apricot adorn the Royal Sunset. This fragrant rose grows to 15 feet in zones six through 10. Particularly suited to horizontal growth, the vigorous Royal Sunset blooms from mid-spring to first frost. The large flowers appear in small clusters on this low-maintenance climber. This disease-resistant rose needs pruned to remove dead canes and to contain it to the pergola.

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July rose is a variegated, red and white striped, climbing rose. The abundant clusters of frilly blooms have a strong, fruity, apple fragrance. This pergola rose climbs to a height of 10 to 14 feet in zones four to nine, rarely requiring pruning. It tolerates cold well and is significantly resistant to disease. The Fourth of July rose repeat blooms from spring through fall.


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