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How to Kill Honeysuckle Vines

By Joshua Duvauchelle ; Updated September 21, 2017

The honeysuckle is a flowering vine found throughout the United States. It is commonly grown for ornamental purposes due to its brightly colored flowers and berries, known to attract hummingbirds. In some cases, the honeysuckle may become established in the area and grow to the point of becoming a nuisance pest. Without proper management, a honeysuckle vine can choke out more desirable plants. Control and kill the vines to protect the health and appearance of your garden.

Put on protective gear, including a face mask, eyewear and gloves. Honeysuckle vine removal typically involves sharp garden implements and toxic chemicals.

Grab the vine and pull it away from its support host, such as a tree, fence or trellis. Sever the vine at its base with a handheld saw or pruning shears. Discard the vine or chop it up and throw it in your compost or mulch heap.

Uproot juvenile vines with your hands or dig them out with a spade. If the vine is mature and woody, paint a root killer herbicide on its cut stump. Such products can be obtained at most garden stores and garden nurseries. Coat all exposed surfaces of the vine stump. Killing the honeysuckle vine's root network will prevent the vine from growing back.

Spray the entire honeysuckle vine with a broad spectrum glyphosate-based herbicide. This option is ideal for large honeysuckle vines that are too big to be easily cut up and removed. Example products include Roundup and Buccaneer. Mist the herbicide onto all exposed surfaces of the honeysuckle vine. The vine will die within 10 days.

Pull out vine seedlings. Monitor the area after you have removed the honeysuckle vine manually or sprayed it with an herbicide. Berries may have fallen off the vine when you were working on it. These may sprout into new honeysuckle vines. Pull out the vine seedlings as soon as they appear to prevent having to kill them with more labor-intensive methods.


Things You Will Need

  • Protective gear
  • Pruning shears or saw
  • Spade
  • Stump killer
  • Broad spectrum herbicide


  • If spraying the vine with an herbicide, spray during a dry weather period for best results.


  • Honeysuckle berries are poisonous when eaten in large quantities. Keep pets and small children away from the berries.

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