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How to Arrange a Vegetable Garden

By Shelly McRae ; Updated September 21, 2017

You’ve chosen a location for your garden that receives six to eight hours of sunlight a day. The soil has been prepared and you’re anxious to plant. Your next step is to determine how to arrange your vegetable garden. You want to place your vegetable plants so that each plant receives an appropriate amount of sunshine. You also want to arrange the garden so you can access each plant without having to disturb other plants around it. A well laid out garden will also reduce invasive weeds and make any necessary weeding easier for you.

Determine which method of planting you want to use in your garden. This can be row planting or raised beds.

Row planting is the method by which you create several rows spaced evenly apart. You then plant the seeds within the rows. Your vegetable plants will grow along the rows.

The method of raised beds allows you to either create several mounds of soil or build a four-sided enclosure and fill it with soil. You then plant within the bed. Group your plants within the mound or bed.

Place medium height plants, such as peppers, tomatoes and broccoli in the middle rows or beds of your garden. Low growing plants, such as lettuce and cabbage, can be planted in the southern most rows or beds of your garden.

Allow for successive planting to extend the harvest of your garden. Don’t seed an entire bed or row at one time. Instead, seed a portion of the area, wait two to three weeks and seed again. Depending on the length of your growing season, you may be able to create three or four successive plantings. This arrangement allows you to harvest your vegetables over a span of time.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden site with prepared soil
  • Seeds or seedlings


  • Include a few herbs in your garden arrangement to use in your cooking.
  • In the southern hemisphere, place tall plants in the south end of the garden and low growing plants in the north end.

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