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How to Kill Grass in a Gravel Driveway

A clear gravel driveway looks neat and uniform, giving the surrounding area a clean and even look. However, sometimes unwelcome weeds and grass grow naturally between gaps and crevices of our driveway and should be removed immediately before the situation gets out of hand. While there are commercial chemicals available that can kill and perhaps permanently remove weeds growing in a gravel driveway for good, they can be harmful, especially if there are children or pets around. You can safely remove unwanted grass by using vinegar, a common household item.

How to Kill Grass in a Gravel Driveway

Clear the affected portion of the driveway by removing parked vehicles, furniture, toys or any equipment directly over the unwelcome grass. Set your mower on its lowest setting and cut the grass or weeds as short as possible.

Purchase white or pickled vinegar from your local supermarket. Pour it into a clean spray bottle. Spray the vinegar directly over the grass, making sure to saturate the area completely. Remember, the more you douse the grass with vinegar, the sooner it will die. After a few days you will begin to notice smothered and dead grass. Simply pull it out and discard appropriately.

Use newspapers to kill grass growing in larger areas or as an alternative to using vinegar. Lay 10 to 12 sheets of newspapers over the affected area in different directions, making sure they overlap each other by four inches. They will block any sunlight or air, causing the grass to suffocate.

Apply four to six layers of mulch over the newspaper to prevent them from blowing away. Wet the newspapers and mulch with your garden hose to hold them down. The grass will die within two to three weeks.


When using vinegar, pick a hot day so that grass can die sooner. Make sure you wear gloves when spraying vinegar. You can also use a sheet of black plastic over the grass to block out any sunlight and air. As with newspapers, apply mulch on top to hold it down. Check the driveway frequently for any grass or weeds, and repeat the procedure to kill any growth.


When using vinegar, be very careful not to spray other plants that are close by, as it is very strong and will eventually kill them.

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