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How to Care for Double Impatiens

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017

Gardeners needing to fill a shady flowerbed or corner of the landscape often turn to impatiens for a beautiful annual flower that blooms dependably throughout an entire growing season. Many different impatiens varieties exist, with double impatiens being one of the most popular among gardeners. The blossoms of the double impatiens plants resemble a rose blossom because they are actually a double bloom instead of a single bloom.

Fill a container half-full of potting soil if you will be growing the double impatiens plant in a container. Wait until the garden soil is over 60 degrees if you will be growing the double impatiens plant in the soil. Choose a growing location that receives partial morning sun for best results. Avoid a growing location that receives afternoon sun because the sunlight will be too strong for the impatiens plant.

Add 1 or 2 inches of compost to the growing area if you are planting the impatiens in the soil. Sprinkle the all-purpose fertilizer over the planting area according to package recommendations for your growing area. Mix the fertilizer into the soil with the garden spade.

Dig a square hole for each impatiens plant in the soil that is 2 inches deep and 2 inches wide. Make an indentation in the center of the container for container planting. Place the double impatiens plants approximately 15 inches apart in the soil. Place one impatiens plant per container for container planting. Firm the soil carefully around the roots of the plants.

Water the newly planted impatiens plants generously immediately after planting. If at least 1 inch of rain does not fall within a one-week period, water impatiens plants growing in the soil once per week. Water container-grown impatiens plants every day or every second day, whenever the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch.

Fertilize the double impatiens plants growing in containers every 10 days. Mix the fertilizer with water according to package recommendations for the container size.

Pinch back the growth of the double impatiens if they become overgrown or shaggy. Pinch the stems at any point along the stems and the double impatiens will respond by putting forth new, bushy shoots. Deadheading double impatiens plants is not necessary.

Protect the impatiens plants from frost by bringing hanging baskets inside or covering impatiens growing in the soil with a cardboard box or a blanket.


Things You Will Need

  • Double impatiens plant
  • Container (15-inch diameter)
  • Potting soil
  • Compost
  • Pruning shears
  • All-purpose fertilizer
  • Garden spade
  • Cardboard box or blanket

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