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How to Plant Bird Seed

Commercial bird seed comprises of a variety of vegetable and wildflower seeds such as pumpkin, broccoli, squash, corn and sunflower. These seeds are delicious and nutritious to wild and domestic birds, and thrive well in many soil types. Planting bird seed in your yard or garden doesn't require much care and can provide a steady source of organic feed in the future.

Dig up 9 inches of earth in a 5-by-5 area.

Spray water lightly over the area with a misting nozzle.

Shake two handfuls of bird seed over the area, scattering widely.

Water the area with the mister again, until the area is soaked and the seeds are sunken into the dirt.

Shake the 5-lb. bag of potting soil over the top of the seeds.

Water the area with the garden mister twice a week.

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