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Taking Care of Rhododendron

By Pamela Gardapee ; Updated September 21, 2017

The growth rate of the rhododendron is slow, but at full growth, the plant will reach heights of 96 inches and spread out up to 72 inches. The pink flowers make the plant stand out in any garden. The plant has long, leathery leaves with a stem protruding out of the center with the flower. Plant the rhododendron in a well-drained soil such as a sandy or loamy clay.

Plant the rhododendron in a location that receives partial sun. Plants that are placed in direct sunlight such as on the south side of the house will not do well. The flowers will fade in color if the plant receives too much direct sunlight.

Fertilize an indoor potted rhododendron once a month with plant food. Miracle Gro plant spikes pushed into the soil monthly will work well. Outside plants will not need any fertilizer. They will take the nutrients from the soil.

Protect the rhododendron from windy conditions. Planting on northern slopes will help shield the plant from the winds. Indoors, the plants will have the protection needed as long as the windows are closed.

Outdoor plants will thrive with rain, but if no rain is expected for more than 3 days, water the soil around the rhododendrons. Indoor plants will need a pot with a hole in the bottom so that it has drainage. Water the plants when the soil becomes dry.

Prune the rhododendron during the fall. The plants should be cut down to ground level. Add some mulch to the soil to prime the soil for next spring's growing period. In areas where the winters are not harsh, pruning can be eliminated and just remove debris around the base of the plant.


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