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How to Take Rhododendron Cuttings

By Ann Johnson

Many people are familiar with the type of rhododendron known as the azalea, a popular choice when giving a flowering potted house plant. Rhododendrons are also used to brighten the landscape, and prefers light shade and a warm climate. One way to start a new rhododendron is to take a cutting from a parent plant. This cutting is referred to as a softwood cutting.

Plan to take the cutting from the parent rhododendron during the spring or early summer.

Sanitize your gardening shears. If you use dirty shears, you risk spreading disease from one plant to another.

Look for a branch or stem that is new growth. Seek out a young stem that is green, with new leaves established. If you were to bend it and it snapped like a fresh asparagus stalk, it would be the correct maturity.

Cut off a 5 to 7 inch piece of the stem. Avoid stems with weak growth or stems with excessively aggressive growth.


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