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How to Get Rid of Onion Grass

Onion grass is a type of perennial onion species that grows abundantly in the Southeast of the United States. Onion grass is thought of as a distracting weed to lawns and is also considered a flower that is a pink and violet color. Onion grass can spread quickly and damage the surrounding grass. Most commonly the weed is found in pastures, turf and on the side of the road. This weed, which typically isn’t affected by the blades of a mower, can be difficult to eliminate.

Remove the leaf blades by snapping them off with your hands. Wear latex gloves when removing the leaves. Dispose of the leaves and let the soil around the onion grass dry up as much as possible.

Carefully apply weed killer to the weed before pulling it out. Only spray the weed; do not spray the surrounding grass. To properly eliminate the onion grass problem you must apply weed killer during growth and after you’ve removed the bulbs.

Pull the entire weed out of the dirt, including its bulb. Wear latex gloves removing the bulbs from the soil.

Spray a strong herbicide in the soil where the onion grass was. Look for a herbicide that contains imazaquin, metsulfuron methyl or glyphosate. Do not let the herbicide make contact with the rest of your lawn.

Continue using herbicide treatments until the onion grass has stopped growing. Spray the area well in late winter/early spring--when the onion grass starts to grow but the lawn is still dormant--and in late fall to prevent the weed from growing the next year.

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