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Types of Daylilies

By Katherine Kally ; Updated September 21, 2017

You can successfully grow daylilies wherever you live in the continental United States, but they may disappear for the winter if you live in a colder climate. All types of daylilies love full sun, and they bloom from early June to late August for northern growers. If you live in the South, you can enjoy daylilies beginning in March and often into December for the warmest climates.


The hardiest of the three types of daylilies is the dormant daylily. These robust beauties bloom throughout the summer, no matter where you live, and then stop growing and disappear for the winter. Dormant daylily varieties include Addie Branch Smith with purple-wine blooms, American Revolution with near black blooms, Butterscotch with gold blossoms and Bull Run with melon apricot blooms. You can find dormant daylilies in a variety of colors; some will have ruffled flowers and some will be bi-toned.


Evergreen daylilies continue to produce new leaves throughout the winter in milder climates, but they only retain their crown in cold climates. Much better suited to warm year-round temperatures, examples of evergreen daylilies include the bi-tone Athlone in shades of orange and yellow, Chorus Line with a pink-light bloom and Lady Emily with a lavender flower. Like their dormant cousins, evergreen daylilies may have ruffled petals within a beautiful array of colors, but there are fewer varieties of evergreen daylilies than either the dormant or the semi-evergreen.


The semi-evergreen variety of daylily will become dormant in a cold climate, but will retain its leaves throughout the winter in warmer climates. Some of the flowers have ruffled petals and the color choices are the same as for the evergreen and the semi-evergreen. Semi-evergreen daylilies include Baja with red blooms, Cheerful Giver with purple-grape blossoms and Dancing Warriors with light bronze petals surrounding a yellow center.


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