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Armeria Formosa - Pinkball Thrift

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Armeria Formosa

Can you imagine Armeria with round flowers almost 1 11/2 inches wide? Just like the common Sea Thrift, but bigger, and it's a hardy perennial! Blooms in shades of pink, rose and red. Flowers in spring, but on the coast it can bloom all year. Even though it does great in coastal climates (it grows on the granite slopes near the sea in native Protugal) it will do wonderfully anywhere. Dozens of tall, stiff stems per plant - used by florists as cut flowers. Sturdy and dependable.

Average Count: 75 Seeds

Plant Type: Hardy Perennial
Bloom Time: Spring
Exposure: Full Sun
Height: 1' to 2'


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