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Home Remedies to Kill Grass & Weeds

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Weeds and grass are plants that grow in the most unwanted garden spaces and compete with other garden plants for light, space, and nutrients in soil and water. This reduces the overall look and quality of garden. Certain weeds also release plant inhibitors such as toxic or poisonous substances. Along with the plants, these substances are harmful to human beings and pets. The weed seeds germinate earlier, grow faster, propagate profusely and mature ahead of the plants they infest. The best way to control weeds is to control them before they grow.


Newspapers can be used effectively to eliminate weeds by starving them of sunlight. Lay several layers of newspapers on the weeds. Arrange the newspapers around existing plants or flowers, only covering the weeds and unwanted grass. Thoroughly wet the newspapers and also weigh them down with stones, pebbles and soil. The newspapers starve the weeds of sunlight and prevent them from growing again in that area. If you want to plant any other flowers or plants under the newspapers, cut out a small section and ease the roots through the newspaper into the soil.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is an effective home remedy against weeds and unwanted grass. Boil a large quantity of water and carefully pour it over the weeds and unwanted grass. This kills the offending weeds at the root. This technique is especially effective on large patches of weeds. The boiling water can also kill other plants, flowers and insects, so use it only on the affected areas.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is a natural remedy against weeds that works at a slower rate than boiling water but is as effective. Sprinkle rock salt near the base of the offending weeds and grass. The rock salt kills the roots of the weeds. This method relies on the rock salt staying in contact with the weeds. Take care when watering the plants around the weeds or in case of rainfall; the salt can be washed on other plants.

White Vinegar

White vinegar can be poured directly onto weeds and grass--especially in areas where the growth is dense, isolated and in large patches. For smaller sections of growth in the midst of plants and flowers, direct a smaller stream of vinegar onto the weeds. This natural remedy is also very effective and kills weeds within a week of application.

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