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How Long Do Marigolds Last?

Marigolds are bright annual flowers planted as border plants, container plants, edgings, color masses and cut flowers. These flowers grow best in full sunlight and well-draining soil.


Sow the black, needle-like marigold seeds inside during March and April. If planting the seeds directly into the garden outside, then sow the seeds in May after all danger of frost has passed. It takes 45 to 50 days after planting the seeds for the marigolds to flower.

Time Frame

Marigolds blossom from early summer until the plants are killed by the first fall frost. These annuals are considered tender, tropical plants.


Marigolds are used as cut flowers or dried flowers in bouquets. Cut the stems under running water to prolong the freshness of the cut marigolds. Marigolds hold their color when dried and will last for years if kept away from moisture.


Pick the dead or dying blossoms off the marigold plants to encourage the plants to keep blooming all summer long. Marigold seeds that are saved from the previous year will not grow the same variety as the hybrid parent plants. The sooner you plant harvested marigold seeds, the higher the germination rate.

Long Until Marigolds Flower From Seed

Choose a spot in your yard that receives six or more hours of direct sun each day. The appropriate spacing for marigolds depends on the mature size of the plant. The larger African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) need around 18 inches of space between plants. If the soil is kept moist, your marigold seeds should sprout within five to seven days of planting. Marigolds need relatively little care. Water young seedlings twice per week at first, and gradually lengthen the period of time between waterings until you're watering them once a week. Mulch around your marigold plants after thinning. This conserves moisture and prevents competition from weed growth.

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