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How to Get Impatiens to Bloom

By Gail Delaney ; Updated July 21, 2017
Impatiens come in a wide variety of colors.

Impatiens (Impatiens walleriana) are annual flowers that bloom for long periods of time. If you have an area with partial shade, Impatiens are good plants to grow if you want a profusion of flowers. Impatiens also grow well in containers and hanging baskets. The 1- to 2-inch diameter flowers come in a variety of colors. Some varieties have a single row of petals, while others have a double row. Impatiens grow 12 to 18 inches in height. If your Impatiens aren't blooming, take measures to encourage those blooms.

Check the location of the Impatiens. Impatiens need to grow in partial shady areas, with 2 to 4 hours of sun. Too much sun or too much shade keeps them from blooming.

Measure the space between plants. If the Impatiens are planted too closely together, they will not flower as well. Impatiens should have 6 to 12 inches of space between them.

Insert your finger into the soil. Impatiens don’t like soggy soils, nor do they like dry soil, which causes stress; they may form flower buds in dry soil, but the buds will fall off before opening. Impatiens prefer moist soil.

Wait one to two weeks after transplanting for the Impatiens to flower, as planting creates shock, and the plant needs time to grow new roots.

Check for bugs. Impatiens are susceptible to slugs, aphids or spider mites. If you notice slugs, set out a low saucer filled with beer. The slugs will crawl into the beer and drown. If you find aphids or spider mites a problem, spray the plants with insecticide or an insecticidal soap. Mix and apply according to label directions. To make your own insecticidal soap, pour 1 gallon water into a sprayer container and add 2 tbsp. of liquid dish soap with 1 gallon of water.


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