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How to Build a Pool Slide


Slides are designed differently for above-ground and in-ground pools. Use the one that's right for your type of pool. Having 1 or 2 helpers will make the assembly process quicker and safer.

How to Build a Pool Slide. Whether you want a simple slide, similar to a playground model, or an elaborate design with a slide carved out of a faux rock wall, a pool slide can add value and excitement to the pool in yard. Making sure your slide is well-built and stable will ensure you, your children and your friends enjoy your pool safely.

Measure the area where you would like to build your slide.

Create a rough sketch of the design you want your slide to have. Consider the age, size and weight of the people who will be using it.

Decide whether you would like a slide with a flume. A flume, which is a small stream of water running down the slide, will help make the slide slippery and fun, but it makes construction much more complicated because you will need to add plumbing and, possibly, electrical components.

Buy your slide from a local pool supply company or from an online retailer. Some slides will require very little assembly. Other slides come in customizable kits, such as those at (see Resources below).

Make sure it will fit in the area that you have in mind for it before you complete your purchase. Also, make sure that its size and weight restrictions are appropriate for the people who will be using it.

Reinforce the area under the slide if needed. For example, if you want a slide built into a waterfall, you may need professional help to ensure that the site can bear the weight of your project. Building a heavy structure without reinforcement could seriously damage your pool.

Gather the tools you will need to build the slide, as specified in the directions.

Check your slide kit to make sure all of the necessary parts are included.

Build the slide by connecting the pieces with the provided hardware. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer carefully. Make sure that the pieces are flush where they connect so they will not pose a safety hazard.

Position your slide so it hangs over the edge of the pool slightly. You want to make sure people who use the slide end up in the water, not on the edge of the pool.

Secure the slide to the ground, deck or concrete around your pool to ensure that it won't tip over when you use it. In some cases, it's best to anchor the slide with fresh concrete. Other pool slides require you to drill anchor holes and secure your slide to them using bolts.

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