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How to Start a John Deere Lawn Tractor

By Kayar Sprang ; Updated July 21, 2017

You can always spot a John Deere lawn tractor by its traditional bright green and yellow paint job. The company manufactures a wide range of tractors to meet every need. John Deere tractors range from 18 horsepower to 450 horsepower. To mow a medium, or even a large-size yard, the tractors with the lowest horsepower have plenty of muscle to do the job.

Lift up the tractor hood and pull the engine oil dipstick. Add oil, if needed. Check the gas tank. Add fuel, if needed.

Sit on the seat facing the front of the tractor. This may sound like an obvious step, but it's a "must." The newer John Deere tractors are equipped with safety switches. If there's no operator on the seat, the tractor won't start.

Insert the key into the ignition of the John Deere tractor.

Push down the clutch pedal and check the gear shift to make sure the transmission is in neutral. Engage the emergency brake. If you don't set the brake, chances are, the John Deere lawn tractor won't start. (Another safety feature.)

Check to make sure the blades are disengaged or the tractor won't start. Make sure the power take-off switch is shut off.

If the engine is cold, pull out the choke all the way. If the John Deere lawn tractor engine is warm, pull out the choke halfway.

Hold the brake pedal down. Move the throttle lever to the "Start" position. Turn the key to start the lawn tractor. Move the throttle to the "Run" position and push in the choke all the way.


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