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John Deere 212 Facts

By Ross Lane ; Updated September 21, 2017
The John Deere 212 was a lawn tractor produced by the company.
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The John Deere 212 lawn tractor was the company's follow up to the 112 model. First produced in 1975, the 212 lawn tractor existed as a mid-tier piece of lawn equipment between the smaller John Deere 210 model and the large 214 garden tractor.

Production Information

The John Deere 212 garden tractor was produced from 1975 to 1987. Manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, the tractor's production remained in the United States during the entire model run.


The 212 garden tractor featured a 29.1 cubic-inch single cylinder engine manufactured by Kohler. Designated as model number K301AQS, the gas-powered air-cooled engine was rated at 12 horsepower at 3500 rpm. The tractor had a fuel capacity of 3.5 gallons.


The John Deere 212 featured a two-wheel drive chassis. Equipped with manual steering and band brakes, the 212 came standard with a four-speed Variator transmission. The mechanical clutch PTO drive from the 112 model was carried over to the 212.

Attachments and Accessories

The John Deere 212 came with two different cutting deck options. Coming in 38 inch and 46 inch sizes, both mower decks were mid-mounted and equipped with mechanical lifts for disengagement and control. The 212 lawn tractor featured the same Quick-Tach system for accessories found on the earlier 112 model, allowing all previous attachments and accessories to be used on the 212 model. Snow-blowers, front blades, tillers and dump carts were all compatible with the John Deere 212.

Additional Information

The John Deere 212 garden tractor featured a wheelbase of 46 inches and weighed 660 lbs. Serial numbers found on the tractor can be used to determine the specific production year of a model using the following guide: 1975-30001, 1976-55001, 1977-70001, 1978-80001, 1979-95001, 1980-120001, 1981-155001, 1982-190001, 1983-222001, 1984-285001, 1985-315001, 1986-360001 and 1987-420001.


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