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Photography Contests for Beginners

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Novice photographers are everywhere today. The digital age has made picture taking a highly popular hobby. Because of the ease of use in today's camera technology, even novices are taking some outstanding photos. If you crave acknowledgment of your hard-earned imagery, consider entering a photo contest.


One of the easiest venues to test your skills against others is your local newspaper. The local section often has listings of events happening around town. If you find this to be true in your local paper, you can be a published photographer if the winners are published. This can be an excellent catalyst if you wish to pursue a bigger arena.

There are also other local publications to consider. Check with your local chamber of commerce for a list of publications.

Local Clubs

Photography clubs in your area are also worth considering. They generally have scheduled meetings and share a common interest. Also look into the local art club or guild. Photography is still considered an art form and most recognize it as such.

Online Options

The Internet is an option for almost anything you seek. Photography contests are no exception. Several of the most popular photo processing websites also host contests. These are a convenient alternative because you simply upload your digital image. Another convenient factor is that these contests usually occur at regular intervals and ask the photographer to consider various themes.

Whichever venue you choose, remember that presentation is everything. Complement your image by mounting it against a white or black matte for optimum appeal.



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