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Long Stem Rose Varieties

Long stem roses are used throughout the world in bouquets and floral arrangements. There are hundreds of rose varieties, but not all are long-stemmed. Long stem roses feature stems at least 6 inches long and blooms 5 inches wide. Although most people buy these roses from florists, growing them at home is easy, convenient and cheaper in the long run.


Floribunda is a common long stemmed rose variety. A cross between polyantha and hybrid tea roses, the stems are between 4 to 5 feet long with a cluster of roses atop each stem instead of a single rose. These flowers have striking form and beauty, and come in a wide array of colors including white, pink, yellow, salmon, mauve, red, orange, violet and purple. This is a hardy rose variety that has moderate resistance against some of the more common rose diseases, making it an excellent choice for home gardens. Some types of floribunda roses make good cut flowers because they last longer than a week before declining in appearance.

Hybrid Tea Roses

The most popular variety of long stemmed roses, the hybrid tea was created with the cross-cultivation of a hybrid perpetual rose with a tea rose in 1867. According to All About Rose Gardening, people who like long-stemmed cut roses that feature a single, beautiful bloom favor this rose. Hybrid tea roses feature a 5- to 6-foot stem with a single, large flower atop each that emits an exotic fragrance. These flowers accentuate the beauty of both formal and informal gardens alike. This variety is composed of more than 100 roses, with bloom colors including white, peach, red, yellow, orange, light blue and fuchsia. Even the fragrance varies with type, ranging from those with no scent to those with strong apricot scents. Gift of Life, Electron, Aromatherapy, Malibu, Moon Shadow, Elegant Lady, Sunstruck, Botero, Memorial Day, Gemini and Fragrant Cloud are among the most commonly grown hybrid tea cultivars. Home gardeners who want to grow hybrid tea roses in their gardens should look for bush types that are disease-resistant and adaptable to their USDA hardiness zones.

Gladiflora Roses

Popular long stemmed roses, grandiflora was created in 1954 by cross-cultivating a hybrid tea and floribunda rose. Stems are between 4 to 6 feet in height and with a cluster of flowers atop each that are up to 4 inches wide. This rose variety is famed for the number of petals it contains, with some types featuring a high petal count of between 30 to 35 per single stem. Colors are bright and intense, although not all types are scented. Common colors include ruby red, crimson red, golden yellow, rich plum, purple, wine and silver. There are many disease-resistant types of grandiflora roses preferred by home gardeners for their ability to dress up a spot while requiring little maintenance and care.

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