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How to Kill Ground Beetles

By Nicole Cipri
Don't let bugs invade your home.
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Ground beetles are black-colored beetles that vaguely resemble cockroaches, but unlike cockroaches, ground beetles are only incidental pests. They can actually be beneficial to have in your garden, as they are known to eat pests like cutworms and root maggots.

While ground beetles may not do any damage, it's no fun sharing your home with any kind of creepy-crawly. Though bad infestations are rare, ground beetles do occasionally wander inside and may require removal.

The most commonly found ground beetle.
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Kill beetles as you find them with a flyswatter or shoe, or better yet, trap and release the beetles into your garden, where they'll help you out by eating pests. You can also purchase a spray can of pesticide for use indoors.

Make sure that all of the screens in your windows and doors are in place and free from holes, to prevent invasions.

Change any outdoor light bulbs to yellow "bug lights," available in most hardware stores, which don't attract insects.

Call your local pest control or exterminator service if your home becomes seriously infested.



  • If you choose to use an indoor insecticide, follow the directions listed on the packaging. Not doing so can be hazardous to your health.

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