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What Can You Use to Kill Vines That Grow on Your Fence?

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Vines can harm the structural integrity of fences or prevent the planting and growth of desirable plants. Oftentimes, gardeners will plant a vine such as ivy only to find the plant overtaking the yard in a matter of a couple of growing seasons. You can either use cultural or chemical methods to remove weedy vines. Replanting the area with a preferred vine type can prevent weeds from coming back.


Use black opaque plastic to smother vines that grow on fencing. Lay the black plastic over the fence and allow the bottom of the plastic to cover where the vine is growing from the ground. Secure the plastic using bricks or landscaping pins. Wait at least six weeks before checking on the status of the vines. Vines and seeds should be smothered by the heat trapped inside of the black plastic.


Prune the vines on the fence for quick removal. Use a ladder to prune off vines high up one the fencing. Cut the vines in 4- to 6-foot pieces, so that they are manageable and you don't have to worry about collecting numerous tiny pieces of vine. Cut your vines down to their base. Water the area to moisten the soil and dig up their root system. Be sure to remove their entire root system, so they can't grow back.

Basel Bark Spray

Basel bark spray is a type of herbicide that contains triclopyr. This herbicide can be used throughout the year to remove vines. This herbicide works by chemically girdling the wood of vines. Girdling the vine or disrupting its ability to transport nutrients and moisture will kill off vines growing on fencing. Apply basel bark spray on the lower 12 to 18 inches of the vine, but avoid spraying the soil. Spraying the ground can cause run off, which can kill surrounding plants.


Glyphosate is commonly used to kill vines because it leaves little soil residue. After using glyphosate, wait a few days and replant an area. Spray the herbicide on a wind- and rain-free day. The spray needs 24 hours to become absorbed into the foliage. Repeat the spray in a few days if there are vines left growing on your fence. If vines are growing new desirable vines, paint the herbicide on the weedy vines with a paintbrush.

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