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How to Remove Vines From Siding

While having vines covering a house is a pretty picture, it can also be the cause of serious damage. Vines can dig under siding and through wood, causing cracks and holes in the exterior of the house. This reduces heating efficiency and can create a possible health problem when mold or dirt begin to build up under the siding. Rats can also climb up the siding and create nests anywhere on the building. To remove vines from siding, you must completely remove the vine. This is not a difficult task, but it is time-consuming.

Cut through the vines with the pruning shears. Cut chest-high. Start from one end of the wall and cut as you would hedges; cut completely through the vines the entire length of the siding. This will help make your job easier.

Dig up the soil around the roots of the vines. Use the shovel to dig into the roots and lift them out of the ground. Doing this will eliminate their main food source and keep anything from coming back. Dig out all of the vine root system.

Pull the lower portion of the vines away from the siding at the roots. Pull the roots up and out; this will loosen most of the lower vines. Insert the shears between the vines and the siding. Cut away any clinging vines from the siding. Pull the main bulk of the vines from the siding and discard in a pile. You will still have stems, branches and possibly leaves attached to the siding.

Pull the upper portion of the vines away from the siding. Grab the vines from the bottom, pulling up and away from the siding. Use the ladder to reach the higher vines. Make sure all of the vines are loose. Use the shears to cut away any vines clinging to the siding. Discard these vines in the pile.

Cut off any leaves or other growth still attached to the siding. This is required so you can get to the vines that have grown under the siding.

Mix the bleach, water and detergent in the bucket. Use three parts water to one part bleach and a capful of detergent. Fill the spray bottle with the mix. Spray the vines that are still sticking to the siding. Spray underneath the siding as well to get any vines hiding there. Allow 15 minutes for the mixture to take effect. Rinse thoroughly with the hose. Repeat this step until all but the small runners and stems are removed. Spray water underneath the siding to get those vines washed out as well.

Pour the cooking oil into the other bucket. Use the paintbrush to coat the vine remnants still attached to the siding and underneath the siding. Allow the oil to soak into the remnants for 15 minutes. Use the brush to scrape off the remnants.

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