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How to Tune Up a Ryobi Weed Eater's Engine

A Ryobi weed eater needs a tune up at the beginning and ending of every season. These tune ups will ensure that all the systems are clean and functioning properly. It will also give you the chance to inspect the trimmer for any other, more serious, problems. These tune ups will also greatly extend the overall life of your trimmer, ensuring that it will last for many seasons. If you notice problems, a tune up can also solve a lot of minor problems before they become major.

Unscrew the back air filter/muffler cover from the rear of the Ryobi. Remove the cover and pull out the foam air filter pad from the box. Wash the filter in the detergent and warm water. Allow it dry overnight before reusing it, or replace any dirty filters that can’t be cleaned with a wash. Wipe down the area around the filter box and carburetor with the rag.

Unscrew the fuel cap and pour out any remaining fuel into the fuel canister. Pour in 3 tsp. of regular unleaded gasoline. Close the cap and swirl the fuel inside the tank. Open the cap and drain the fuel. Wrap the rag around the brush and scrub the walls of the fuel tank.

Lift up the fuel filter with the needle-nosed pliers. Pull the filter off the end of the fuel line and replace if the screen is dirty. Put the new fuel filter into the gas line and push into the bottom of the tank. Mix a new batch of fuel using the regular unleaded gasoline and two-cycle engine oil. Use a mix ratio of 40-to-1 gas-to-oil. Pour the new fuel into the engine.

Unhinge the rubber boot from the end of the spark plug, which is on top of the Ryobi’s engine. Unscrew the spark plug from the cylinder with the socket wrench. Check the tip of the spark plug and replace the plug if it’s black or dirty. Reinstall the spark plug into the cylinder. Refit the black boot to the plug.

Start the Ryobi’s engine and allow it to idle for five minutes to warm up. Locate the carburetor’s idle adjusting screw, which will be located through a small hole on the muffler cover. Insert the small screwdriver into the hole.

Turn the screw in clockwise until the head begins spinning. Turn the screw back counter-clockwise in 1/8-inch increments until the head stops spinning. Never operate the trimmer if the head still spins during idling.

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