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Instructions for a Bolens BL100 Weed Eater

The Bolens BL100 lawn trimming weed eater operates with a two-cycle engine. This trimmer, like all power tools, requires a safe operating procedure to reduce the potential for accidents and injuries. The cutting head moves at high rates of speed, so it can project sharp objects, like glass and rocks, outward, which can hit the operator or anyone nearby.

Pour the two-stroke oil and regular unleaded gasoline into the approved fuel container. Use a mix ratio of 40-to-1 gasoline to oil. Close the container and shake it for one minute to allow the contents to mix thoroughly. Pour the fuel into the Bolens fuel tank. Put on all of your safety equipment and clothing.

Place the unit on a flat and firm piece of ground outdoors in a well ventilated area at least 10 yards from your fueling spot. Press and release the primer bulb until fuel fills the bulb. Move the choke lever into position “1.” Brace the unit with your left hand on the front handle, squeezing the throttle trigger. Grab the starter rope with your right hand.

Pull out on the rope until the engine fires and runs. Continue squeezing the throttle for 30 seconds so the engine can warm up. Let go of the throttle and move the choke lever into position “3.” Press the “On/Off” switch into the “Off” button when you want to stop the trimmer.

Hold the trimmer at waist level. Hold the front handle with your left hand; hold the trigger handle with your right hand. Keep the head parallel with the ground. Squeeze the trigger fully and cut weeds with the tip of the cutting line.

Work from the top down with weeds over 8-inches. Bump the running head against the ground to advance the line. Cut from right to left to keep all objects thrown away from the operator.


Wear protective safety clothing and equipment whenever operating the trimmer. Children under 15 should never operate this unit.

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