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How Often Should You Change the Hydro Fluid of a Cub Cadet?

By William Pullman

Cub Cadet riding lawnmowers use a hydrostatic transmission to help propel the mower. The transmission uses hydrostatic fluid, which requires replacement at regular intervals to maintain normal operation.


New Cub Cadet tractors require a hydrostatic fluid change after the first 10 hours of use. A second change is required after 50 hours of use. After the second hydrostatic fluid change, you should replace the fluid every 100 hours of use. Keeping a notebook in the same area that you store your lawnmower can help you keep track of this.


Hydrostatic transmissions on Cub Cadet tractors have a filter that removes impurities from the fluid and keeps them from entering and damaging the transmission. Dirty filters are less effective at removing impurities from the fluid. Change the hydrostatic filter when you change the fluid to ensure the peak performance of the transmission.


Some Cub Cadet models, such as the 1046 VT, were designed with a self-contained hydrostatic transmission. This type of transmission is sealed and does not have a hydrostatic fluid fill or drain plug. Have your Cub Cadet tractor serviced by a trained technician if you experience problems with the hydrostatic transmission.


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