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How to Add Transmission Oil to a John Deere 314

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The John Deere 314 was produced from 1979 to 1983. The 314 was equipped with a 14-horsepower Kohler one-cylinder diesel engine. The transmission on the 314 is located at the rear of the mower, and is accessed via a drain tube beneath the transmission housing, and a fill tube. The 314 was fitted with a 38-inch or optional 46-inch mower deck. The 314 was available with a 50-inch rotary mower deck and had a hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears. The transmission requires 5 quarts of fluid to fill completely.

Kneel at the rear of the mower. Locate the transmission oil fill tube just below the fuel tank. Remove the cap from the fill tube.

Fill a metal squirt can with John Deere Hydrostatic transmission fluid.

Insert the flexible spout from the oil squirt can into the oil fill tube. Pump the trigger on the squirt can to add transmission fluid. Continually check the transmission sight tube to make sure you do not overfill the transmission.

Replace the transmission fill tube cap when you are finished adding fluid.

Kind Of Transmission Oil Does The John Deere L130 Take?

Using the right transmission oil for your John Deere L130 riding lawn tractor keeps your machine on the move. The company also makes a biodegradable fluid called Bio Hy-Gard. The L130 doesn't generally require Bio Hy-Gard in residential settings, but the mower can be changed over to bio-oil if the transmission is thoroughly drained first. Using J20C oil helps keep the transmission properly lubricated during hot weather. J20D oil can be used in areas where winter temperatures drop as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The John Deere manuals warn against using Type F transmission fluid in the L130's hydrostatic transmission. Using the wrong oil for the hydrostatic transmission can damage the gears or render the entire transmission unit inoperable.


A metal squirt bottle will work much better than a funnel and fluid container for adding fluid to the transmission -- the fluid tube is small in diameter and may back up and spill fluid if you add too quickly.

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