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How to Fix a Polaris 360

By Justin A. Mann

Automatic pool cleaners like the Polaris 360 help pool owners keep their pools clean. Auto cleaners roll over the bottom of the pool using water pressure to suck up and capture debris. The Polaris 360 consists of many parts, including a plastic upper and lower body, quick disconnect wall fitting, sectioned hose and leaf bag. These components are the most common to malfunction because of continued use. Fixing the Polaris 360 involves cleaning the quick-disconnect screen, emptying the leaf bag and replacing the hose connections.

Remove the Polaris 360 from the pool. Unscrew the quick-disconnect valve from the pool return line. Pull the small round screen out of the quick-disconnect. Clean the screen thoroughly with water and place the screen back into the quick-disconnect. Replace the old screen with a new screen if there are rips or tears in the mesh of the screen. A broken screen allows debris to enter the Polaris hose lines and potentially clog.

Unstrap the leaf bag from the top of the Polaris body. Empty the contents of the bag and reattach the bad to the Polaris. Emptying the bag reduces the weight of the sweep, allowing for easier maneuvering and further cleaning.

Place the Polaris 360 in the pool. Turn on the pool equipment so that water flows to the Polaris. Lift a portion of the Polaris 360's hose out of the water. Examine the swivels connecting the sections of hose for leaks. Replace any swivels allowing large amounts of water to escape from the hose. Replacing leaking swivels keeps water pressure high in the hose, allowing the Polaris 360 to continue cleaning properly.


Things You Will Need

  • Water hose
  • Replacement parts


  • Check your Polaris 360's hoses, filter screen, and leaf bag weekly to keep the sweep in good condition.

About the Author


Justin A. Mann has been a freelance writer since 2007. Mann is experienced with computers and all things relating to swimming pools, and he uses his knowledge in these fields to write articles for various websites. Mann is an English major at East Central University.