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How to Vandal-Proof a Rural Mailbox

You love living out in the country. The quiet, peace and solitude really suit your personality. Unfortunately, sometimes vandals attack mailboxes in your community. In fact, some people seemingly have nothing to do there besides drive around at night and smash people's mailboxes with a baseball bat. Entertaining local hooligans is not your responsibility. Take steps to vandal-proof your mailbox so that you don't need to keep replacing it.

Build a brick enclosure for your mailbox to prevent kids from playing mailbox baseball with it. This is illegal in some counties, so check with your local post office to see if there are any laws against it.

Buy a rubber mailbox if you don't mind having kids attack it but don't want it to get damaged. Rubber mailboxes are designed specifically not to break when something strikes them. You just pop them right back into place.

Buy one small mailbox and one large mailbox. Place the small mailbox inside of the large mailbox and fill the gap between the two with concrete. Allow the concrete to set and mount the mailbox on it's post. Local vandals will get a big surprise when they try to crush your mailbox and instead end up breaking their bat. Note that this is also illegal in some locations.

Buy a steel mailbox. Vandals cannot destroy a steel mailbox with a baseball bat.

Get a lock for your mailbox. If local teenagers are destroying your property, it's a good idea to make sure that your actual mail is secure. Choose a mailbox that you can lock to keep the mail safe.

Complain to the police every time your mailbox is vandalized. Depending upon how malicious the vandals are, as soon as you make your mailbox baseball bat-proof, they might switch to spray painting it. Local police might be willing to send out an extra patrol car to your community if many citizens are complaining.

Ask your local post office to give you a sticker to put on your mailbox warning potential vandals that tampering with your postbox is a crime.

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