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Ideas for Plants Around Mailboxes

Have fun coming up with ideas to create a miniature landscape around your mailbox. Fill the area with flowers and shrubs for a splash of color along the roadside. Grow a creeping vine or nestle a potted plant along the mailbox for a decorative touch to your space. Sprucing up the entry to your home is a fun way to ensure a warm welcome every time you come home.


A gorgeous climber for your mailbox is the large-flowered clematis. This creeping plant is a fast-growing vine that prefers well-drained soil and partial shade to full sun. The clematis vine enjoys sprawling around structures such as fences and mailboxes. This coiling vine easily wraps around anything it contacts, and, within a short period of time, your mailbox is covered with stunning blooms. Not only does the clematis add a bright accent piece to your mailbox, but it also greets you as you drive into your home.


Plant a tall perennial flower such as the daylily around the mailbox for an added punch of color. Daylilies come in a range of colors including yellow, orange and red. They look gorgeous mixed together for a rainbow of color around the mailbox and do a great job at filling out the space over time. Create a small bed around the mailbox with the lilies and a layer of fresh mulch. Mulch will help the perennial blooms retain moisture during the warm summer months. It also contrasts nicely with the bright flower blooms and prevents weeds from shooting up around the mailbox.


Add a low-growing evergreen such as a juniper plant around the mailbox for color all year long. The juniper shrub has textured green foliage that grows in a moundlike shape. Plant the shrub on the back side of the mailbox to slowly creep around the space. Allow the shrub to envelop the post of the mailbox for a colorful and lush design to the space or trim it back every so often for a tidy and well-kept look. The juniper needs to be pruned back once a year to ensure new leaves and foliage the following spring. Juniper is a long-lasting shrub.


Annuals allow you to change up the look of the mailbox each season. Plant annuals such as pansies and marigolds around the mailbox for small bursts of color and texture. Space them around the mailbox for a decorative design. To contrast with the flower blooms, add an ornamental cabbage nestled within the annual blooms for an unexpected look in the space. Ornamental cabbages fold open when in season and resemble an edible cabbage.

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