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How Does a Polaris 380 Work?

By Jeff Casto
Enjoying playing in a nice, clean pool.
Asian Boy Playing in a Swimming Pool image by Wimbledon from Fotolia.com

The Polaris 380 is an automatic swimming pool cleaner that vacuums and sweeps as it rolls across the pool bottom and walls. It is designed for use in in-ground pools.


A booster pump, separate from the pool’s main pump, powers the 380. A feed hose is attached to a fitting in the wall of the pool. Gears inside the 380 are driven by water pressure from the pump and, in turn, drive the wheels.


The Polaris 380 has a vertical tube at its center. Jets blow water up this tube creating a suction that carries debris such as leaves up into a mesh bag at the top.


At the bottom rear of the unit is a sweep hose attached to a swiveling nozzle. The hose moves from side to side stirring sediment up from the bottom into the water where it can be filtered out.

Changing Direction

The feed hose has a backup valve mounted just a few feet behind the 380. Every 3 minutes, it activates and water is forced out of its jet. This carries the 380 from its location to a new one, ensuring that the entire pool is swept in random fashion.


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