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How to Cut AstroTurf

By Irena Eaves
Astro Turf is a low-maintenance alternative to grass
fake grass image by MB from Fotolia.com

Astro Turf and other artificial grasses are great alternatives to a traditional lawn. Whether you're trying to conserve water, maintain a playing field or you just can't be bothered to mow the grass, Astro Turf has many benefits that traditional lawns cannot offer. If you do plan on installing Astro Turf, you will likely have to cut it to the proper dimensions for your space. Cutting Astro Turf can be a simple process, but take special care both for your safety and the appearance of your new lawn.

Roll out your Astro Turf onto the desired surface. The turf should be slightly larger than the area you intend to cover. Allow the turf to rest for two the three hours so that any wrinkles or creases dissipate.

Make a mark wherever Astro Turf meets another surface, like the sidewalk or your deck.Use the measuring tape to create a straight line, ensuring that the finished result looks neat.

Cut into the turf using a sharp utility knife or box cutter. If you are using the proper equipment, the actual cut should not be too difficult. Double check to make sure there are no gaps between pieces of turf and other surfaces.


Things You Will Need

  • Astro Turf
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Utility knife

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