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Ideas for Hiding Your Pool Pump

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Pool pumps can be large and obtrusive, creating an eyesore on what would otherwise be a serene space. A variety of options are available to cover up your pool pump. From fencing to creative landscaping, something is certain to work for your space.


Installing a fence is an option for hiding a pool pump that will work in almost all cases. Fences can be tailored to fit the style of your pool area. If you have a tropical vibe going, choose a bamboo fence. For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a white picket fence. Include a gate in the fence so you can easily access the equipment.


Building a brick or stone wall provides an option for hiding your pool pump. If your pool pump is not very tall, you can build a short wall just tall enough to camouflage the equipment. You can accessorize the space on top of the wall with decorative outdoor items or potted plants and flowers. As with the fence option, include a gate for access.


If your pool pump is in a grassy area, opt for plants as a way to hide the equipment. Bamboo grows quickly and makes a good material for concealing unsightly areas. Evergreen bushes make another good option as they provide camouflage year-round. Other choices include tall, flowering bushes, dense hedges or ornamental grasses.

Storage Shed

Building a storage shed for your pool pump helps to protect it from harsh elements like the direct heat of the sun and the snow of winter. See if it’s safe to enclose your specific model of pump. The exterior of the shed can be painted to blend in with the landscape or turned into a decorative feature of your outdoor space.

Ideas For Hiding Your Pool Pump

Use fencing that matches other fencing in your yard to hide the pool pump completely. Decorative fencing, as another alternative, will create a focal point for colorful bushes or flowers. Select a fence that coordinates with the style of landscaping in your yard. For example, use a small stone wall if you have an informal flower garden, or stucco a brick fence for a Southwest desert style yard. Create a living screen that hides the pool pump by growing tall, lush bushes or plants. Use a trellis if necessary to provide support and additional coverage. Use materials that coordinate with the surrounding landscape. The pump can be covered by the shed or hidden behind it.

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