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The Average Annual Salary for a Landscape Photographer

Anna Henly/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

A landscape photographer is a professional who specializes in capturing images of natural scenery. These professionals often travel to perform their work, which can require traveling long distances to sparsely populated areas.

Job Requirements

Although there are no specific job requirements for this occupation, those in niche industries of photography such as landscape will have better employment opportunities if they have a bachelor's degree in photography, geography or a related discipline.

Average Salary

Some landscape photographers are are employed by organizations, but others are self-employed. SimplyHired reports an average annual salary of $35,000 per year as of October 2010 for this occupation.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor statistics expects 12-percent job growth for photographers between 2008 and 2018. It cites "growth of Internet versions of magazines, journals, and newspapers" as a reason for this increase; the growing demand for digital images for the Internet will expand opportunities for commercial photographers in this field.

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