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How Far Apart Do You Plant Seed Potatoes?

By Carrie Terry
Each potato is equipped to sprout several vines.
Potato image by lefebvre_jonathan from Fotolia.com

As anyone who's kept potatoes too long knows, a potato serves as the bud for many new plants. To succeed in the garden, though, that potato must receive the right planting and care. For these large, vining plants, one of the most important considerations is spacing.

Seed Potatoes

Each potato has many "eyes," which serve as sprouting points. Seed potatoes are destined for planting, and have all the material necessary for sprouting several new plants. A seed potato should have at least two sprouting eyes at planting.

Potato Spacing

Seed potatoes require loose, moist soil, but should never be planted where water puddles. Plant individual seed potatoes 1 to 1 1/2 feet apart in rows. Many gardeners build mounded rows for planting to ensure good drainage around the potatoes.

Row Spacing

Potatoes are a successful crop, so many gardeners plant row after row of seed potatoes. Rows should be spaced at 2 to 3 feet, to give the vining plants plenty of room to grow and expand.