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How Do I Start a John Deere EZtrak Z425?

By Kristi Roddey

The EZTrak Z425 is one of John Deere's top-selling riding lawn mowers for residential use. It is a zero-turn-radius mower, meaning you can maneuver it easily around flower beds and other lawn features. The mower's control levers are within reach, and you can adjust them to make operating your mower even easier. Starting the EZTrak Z425 may take patience if you are performing a cold start, but don't rush it, as doing so could damage the engine.

Sit on the mower's seat.

Lock the parking brake.

Disengage the mower by pushing the mower engagement knob down.

Set both motion control levers to the start/shutdown position.

Move the throttle lever to set your engine speed. If the engine is cold, set the throttle lever to the start position. If you have been on the mower recently and the engine is still warm, set the throttle lever to the run position.

Position the choke knob. If performing a cold start, pull the choke knob up and hold it in the choke position. If performing a warm start, it may also be necessary to pull the knob up and hold it in the choke position.

Turn the key switch to the start position.

Release the key switch to the run position once the engine starts. Push the choke knob down to the off position and move the throttle to the run position.

Allow the engine to warm up for 20 seconds.

Release the parking brake.

Set both motion control levers to the neutral position.

Set the throttle lever to the run position.

Pull the mower engagement switch up to engage the mower.

Push the motion control levers forward slowly. Be sure to maintain a safe travel speed while mowing.



  • Travel speed and turn rate will vary depending on how much you move the control levers.


  • To avoid inhaling dangerous exhaust fumes, only start your mower in open spaces.
  • The starter may be damaged if operated for more than 20 seconds at a time. If the engine does not start, wait two minutes before trying again.

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