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How to Adjust the Speed for a Honda Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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You can mow your yard easily with a Honda self-propelled lawn mower, a line that includes many features to give homeowners nicely cut lawns. Honda mowers also are known for being environmentally friendly by being compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulations. Honda mowers also have a variety of features to allow users to control the speed of the blades and the movements of the mowers themselves. It's a simple task to adjust your mower speed.

Turn the Honda mower's throttle lever to the “choke” position if the engine is cold. Turn the throttle lever to the “fast” position is the mower engine is warm from recent use.

Start the mower by pulling the starter grip for model HXA mowers or by turning the key switch for model HMA mowers. Make sure the key switch remains in the “on” position.

Move the throttle lever away from the “choke” position to the “fast” position once the engine warms and you are ready to mow. Grass is cut most efficiently when the throttle level is in the “fast” position for the blades to rotate at the quickest speed.

Press the yellow button on the blade-control lever to move the lever forward against the handlebar. This will start the rotation of the blades as you push the mower. When you release the lever, the blades will stop rotating.

Push the drive-clutch lever forward to the handlebar to begin propelling the mower. Move the drive-clutch lever forward slowly to adjust the speed of the mower, making it move faster or slower.

Move the shift level to the “fast” or “slow” position for another way to control the speed of the mower as you move it. Move the shift lever to the “slow” position before you stop the mower to shut off the engine.

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